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AWA Writing Workshops

  • Writing 15 minutes a day is better than 0
  • Keep the ass in the chair
  • Don't stop to edit
  • Write because you love it
  • Write because you hate it
  • Write because you can't do anything else.
  • Write because you're too busy
  • Write instead of washing the dishes
  • Because it's the best anti-depressant
  • Because no one can tell your story better than you can
  • Write because even if "the world doesn't need another book," someone in the Universe may need yours in it.

Works in Progress

Something about the Civil War . . .

Writing Prompts

Something to scribble about.

Not Quite Roommates

When your 25 year old son moves back home.

Personal Foul

A  story about the Celtics when  the Garden was called Boston Garden

Short Stories, Novels, Essays

Deborah Bluestein

stuff about writing